Pools & SpasThree easy steps to maintain your pool

While there are many different ways of maintaining clean, safe swimming pool water, it can often feel like you need a chemical degree to understand the various product options and when to use them — even more so if you’re a new pool owner. Fortunately, Swimart makes pool care easy.

CleaningMake your Pool Smarter & Simpler

Waterco’s new energy saving Electrochlor Mineral Chlorinator makes swimming pools smarter by automatically operating filtration and auxiliary equipment…
Trident Ultra

RoboticTrident ULTRA

Trident ULTRA robotic pool cleaner delivers top-of-the line performance with the absolute minimum in effort and hassle. Software…

Pools & SpasThree steps to a sparkling pool or spa

Swimming pools bring joy to the lives of thousands of Australians. However, as Zodiac Pool Cleaners tell us, there are three essential steps to take in order to ensure that your pool water is clean and safe.