A perfect fit of pool design and environment


This project demonstrates a seamless harmonisation of pool design and construction, and landscaping

This pool was a triumph of construction given the unique qualities of the site. The owners had always wanted a pool and spa but, due to very difficult site access, the cost was always prohibitive. This led FreeStyle Pools to quote on just a 4m × 2m spa, which the owners were happy to proceed with.

Things changed when the landscaper (Peter Yorke Landscapes) decided to crane a hydraulic excavator onto the first-floor balcony of the house and drive the excavator through the residence into the backyard, prompting the owners to re-evaluate the pool and spa decision. Having the excavator in the backyard now meant the most complex and costly component of the pool construction became much more straightforward and opened up more possibilities regarding the pool design. FreeStyle Pools worked closely with Peter to ensure his and their works happened concurrently without delay or obstructions. The project is a great example of seamless co-ordination of pool construction and landscaping.

The owners wanted the pool and spa to convert their backyard to a more functional and enjoyable outdoor area. They went with a large paved area around the spa, creating a multi-purpose space to allow both lounging and entertaining. This enables them to enjoy the pool without having to be sitting in it — perfect for typical family use.

The team at FreeStyle Pools believe the principle of good design is the efficient use of space, ensuring the pool blends seamlessly with the house and landscaping. This pool has the right dimensions for the space available in the yard to create a perfect combination of grassed area, entertaining space and, of course, a functional pool and spa area.

The choice of finishes adds to the quality appearance and brings the whole backyard together visually. Not all pools get completed with a well-landscaped yard. As this pool has been integrally designed and built in parallel with the backyard landscaping, it stands out as a beautifully finished backyard conversion.

FreeStyle Pools knows how important pool and spa design and quality are. FreeStyle has been run by the Hitchcock family since 1992 and has best met its customers’ requirements by considering the smallest details required to make a concept turn into a perfect product. Specialising in individually managed and serviced pool construction with a more personalised approach, FreeStyle Pools spends more time with customers and on site during construction to ensure all client expectations are met. As a member of the Master Builders Association of NSW, the company prides itself on providing the highest-quality equipment and service.

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