Cleaning designed for you: a self-cleaning pool system
Cleaning designed for you: a self-cleaning pool system
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To truly enjoy the lifestyle benefits of your backyard oasis, talk to your pool builder about a self-cleaning pool

A self-cleaning pool allows you to spend more time enjoying life while your pool cleans itself. Your pool will also be easier to operate and more enjoyable to swim in because of the increased circulation benefits. Owning a pool has never been this easy.

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Not all self-cleaning pools are the same. The QuikClean range of in-floor cleaning systems features advanced technology, has been developed for Australian conditions and is proven in even the most demanding circumstances.

Cleaning designed for you: a self-cleaning pool system

The focus of a QuikClean system is you. Three superior systems, all with unique features and advantages, are designed to suit your unique pool and lifestyle requirements. Whether you have a heavy debris site, want the latest look or value genuine energy efficiency, QuikClean has a system for you.

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Carefully consider what features are important to you and your new pool because an in-floor cleaning system needs to be installed into your new pool during construction. You only have one opportunity to make the right decision for you and your family. QuikClean systems are supplied and installed by a nation-wide network of QuikClean accredited installers who are proudly supported by Cooke Industries, a family company with family values and a sustained history of award- winning innovation.

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