added luxury to the pool

A Little Luxury Goes A Long Way


No matter how small the pool, spa or outdoor space, a little luxury goes a long way when it comes to choosing pool tiles, paving and coping

This design perfectly showcases how a pool and spa can be incorporated into any space, no matter the size. Sabo Design pulled out all the stops with this project, which included a pool, spa and outdoor shower. Butterworth Landscapes and Apex Pools and Spas carried out the design brief to perfection. Testament to both good design and installation, this small area includes a little luxury as well as everything you could want in a landscape rejuvenation.

A little luxury added to your pool

It’s the paving, pool coping and tiles that bring the entire project together. The featured paving is Pietra Grigio brushed and tumbled paving and pool coping from Granite Works Australia, a specialist supplier of natural stone and developer of bespoke, hard-surface solutions that improve and bring value to customers’ homes. Also featured is the company’s Sinai White brushed and tumbled tiles along the rear wall of the pool. “This Egyptian limestone is a great choice for use around pools and spas,” says Granite Works Australia. “In addition to being durable and beautiful, such a luxurious material can improve the value of your home.”

When selecting a natural stone to use around a pool, it’s important to consider aspects such as exposure to the sun, slip resistance and suitability. The experts at Granite Works Australia can guide you in your choices. “We work with our customers to ensure the right products are selected for their projects,” says the company. “With several options, it’s important to us that our customers are not only satisfied with their end result, but that everything is fit for purpose.”


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