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Divorce your pool from local energy providers


In this energy-conscious world where power bills are increasing at an alarming rate, pool owners are desperately searching for ways to minimise their running costs — and Aquavic may well have the answer

According to Aquavic, the synergy of its “New Millennium” ionisers and its DC pumps makes the company’s products eminently suitable for solar power. So effective is this combination that Aquavic’s own demonstration pool has been converted to an OTG (off-the-grid) solar-powered system. Two roof-mounted PV panels now supply all of the power required to drive both the pool’s filtration and ionising system as well as the solar pool heating. Both pumps are, of course, the whisper-quiet variable speed pump sets with their Australian-made highly efficient brushless DC motors.

The pool now runs year-round – winter or summer, rain, hail or shine – completely divorced from the whims and fancies of the family’s local energy provider’s billing system. To find out how you can also divorce your pool – and your wallet – from your local energy provider’s complex and often perplexing billing systems, contact John at Aquavic’s head office.

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