Seamless polished concrete micro topping


Concrete Resurfacing Systems are proud to present Baxab, the first virtually indestructible continuous micro topping for floors and walls

Baxab is a new generation micro topping which can be applied onto almost any existing surface, providing a seamless impermeable polished concrete topping at only 2-3mm thick. Unlike any other micro coverings, its high resistance allows an intensive and prolonged use not only in Architectural homes, but also in high traffic retail stores and public spaces. The micro topping is available in a wide colour palette without joints. With its hand trowel finishing, Baxab achieves surfaces of great quality and beauty. No scratches, no stains, no marks, and no burns – nothing else this thin is so durable.

At only 2-3mm thick and its fast application time, it’s perfect for new construction projects as well as renovating. It doesn’t require removing existing floors or altering floor heights at openings or doorways and is open to foot traffic after a few hours of application. It is totally water-resistant, so it can be applied in kitchens, bathrooms and any wet areas.

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