Frameless Fence by Blue Croc

Frameless Fences for your Minimalist Pool


These frameless pool fences ticked all the boxes for safety and quality for The Block 2020

It’s said the best pool fences are ones you don’t notice. A good pool fence should be seamless and unobtrusive, smooth and silent to use and be built with high-quality products that have longevity. It should also require minimal maintenance.

All five of The Block 2020 pool fences were built by Blue Croc Group. The pools were small and had tight access, so Blue Croc Group designed custom fencing to suit each pool shape and backyard design. The notoriously short timeframes given to builders on The Block were no problem for Blue Croc Group, who delivered the fences to a high standard and got the job done. 

Blue Croc prides itself on “having your back” when it comes to pool fencing, balustrades, screening, gates, green walls, property maintenance and rubbish removal. The company caters to domestic and commercial construction clients for new builds and renovations.

Blue Croc Group was established in 2013 and built on the foundations of the 40-year family business. “There was a hole in the market that needed to be quickly filled — a high-quality installation team focusing on balustrade, pool fencing and privacy screens,” says Adam Todd, Blue Croc general manager. It was by the natural progression that the company soon added custom metal fabrication, architectural features, building cladding, laser-cut screens, green walls and more to its range.

“The cornerstone of the company is the notion of total client satisfaction. Blue Croc Group knows and understands the value of referral clients and has a long list of previous clients willing to speak on our behalf with regard to the quality of our construction and the friendly nature of our company,” explains Adam. Their staff work hard to ensure clients are fully involved in all steps of the installation process. 

“Quality is of upmost importance”, Adam explains. ”We only use quality suppliers who we have found to provide outstanding products over a long period of time.”


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