Creating a Purposeful Backyard in Your Home


Your home is more than a place to rest, or restricted to the walls within it – a well-designed backyard means your home is also a place to play.

So, you’re planning to build or renovate a home for your young family. You’ve likely already considered the floor plan and the house style, and even picked out some of the interior finishes. With a sense of home already coming together, you may not be thinking of how this could extend into the backyard.

Purposeful Backyard

The beautiful and sunny South-East Queensland has become a popular location for people to call home. With our suburbs getting denser, backyards appear to be shrinking more than ever! Limited size can often discourage families from investing in the extension of home into the outdoor space. Though, with ideal weather conditions almost all year-round, the backyard actually has major potential to become the heart of the home! By homing in on the concepts of togetherness, play, and winding down, O’Shea and Sons Builders aim to present you with some key ideas to love where you live.

In this article, we are using examples from the stunning and family orientated, Amulree Tarragindi Project.



Bonding over shared activities and experiences is exactly what the backyard provides! Let’s look at their recent Amulree Tarragindi home. Forgiving in its ability to conceal mess and noise, the backyard can be enjoyed by each member of the family across activities such as mealtimes and cooking, gardening, playtime, animal fun, and lounging about. Not only do these activities engage everyone, but they each hold their own abundance of wellness too!

Depending on the size of your outdoor space, it may be smart to create areas for different purposes in order to intentionally apply those feelings of togetherness. Ask for some suggestions from the littlest members of the family on what they’d like to do in the backyard, and see how you could make it fun for years to come. One of the requirements for our Amulree Tarragindi home was that the outdoors needed to be every bit as sensational as the interiors.



As we’ve moved into a more digital world, modern kids aren’t quite receiving enough of the incredible benefits of outdoor playtime. Creating an ultimate play area for imagination, fun to flourish, core strength exercises and honing skills could just encourage that shift toward a healthier lifestyle for the entire family. Playtime has proven time and time again to improve the wellbeing of both kids and their parents! If you have enough space, it may be worth investing in some play equipment to facilitate this.

For something to last even beyond your child’s generation, you may look toward custom building a treehouse or cubby! These are great for providing kids with a collaborative project to work on with their parents in order to create a space they can call their own. With a personal space for imagination to thrive, you may end up dragging the kids inside rather than out!

If DIY and woodwork aren’t your areas of expertise, you may look toward investing in some easily assembled equipment such as a trampoline or set of monkey bars. Investing in higher quality and customisable sets will ensure that you and your kids can benefit from the active and fun equipment for many years to come.


The whole O’Shea family got involved in the set up of the brand new Vuly Play trampoline!


The patio and undercover areas of the backyard find really great use as a foundation for connecting with others and relaxation for the family members.

Whilst keeping everyone out of the harsh sun and rain, an undercover area can be customised with designs and furniture to suit your family’s needs. With uses ranging from morning yoga to an entertainment night with family and friends, the entire area makes incredible purpose-fit potential!

Sitting down and actively engaging with those around you in an outdoor space creates incredible opportunities to strengthen the quality of your relationships whilst soaking up all of the health benefits of being outdoors. Improved mental and emotional wellbeing across each family member simply extends itself into a greater feeling of family and home, ultimately creating a place where you love to live.

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