TCL’s T-Pro Air Conditioner Series Features Google Connectivity


Consumer electronics giant TCL continues to make life more intelligent by releasing two new types of air conditioning units that create healthier air more efficiently.

TCL’s new T-Pro Split System Air Conditioning Units are available in 2.6KW, 3.5KW, 5.2KW and 7.2KW cooling capacities while its Portable Air Conditioner features a 3.6KW cooling capacity.

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“The T-Pro Series Works with Google Assistant and Alexa, and can connect to a smart TV, smart phone and any compatible devices via the TCL Home App,” explains Mark Zhang, Managing Director at TCL Electronics AU/NZ. “Users can activate and control their AC remotely, making it easy to turn it on and off, adjust speed and temperature.”

T-Pro’s Gentle Breeze function ensures cool air flows in a way that’s natural and more comfortable. With up to 1,422 micro-holes perfectly spaced across the S-Shaped airflow vanes, it creates a soft laminar airflow, replacing the harsh, direct cold drafts commonly found in traditional systems. The T-Pro Series also includes Smart Airflow, a “directed-upward” feature that showers air down from the ceiling to create immersive cooling.

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“TCL has incorporated a built-in air purification process that eliminates germs and purifies the air before it’s released into the environment,” Zhang explains. “This results in cleaner, healthier air for the home or office.”

Standout features of TCL’s new T-Pro Air Conditioners include:

  • Available in 2.6KW, 3.5KW, 5.2KW and 7.2KW cooling capacities
  • Gentle Breeze mode
  • Smart Airflow
  • Air Purification
  • Ifeel Function
  • Turbo Function (Rapid Cooling / Rapid Heating)
  • IOT Smart Connectivity (Works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and TCL Home app)
  • Auto Clean / Clean Reminder
  • Easy Clean Design
  • Sleep mode
  • 5-Year Warranty

IoT Wi-Fi Control

Adjust the environment and change your settings anytime, anywhere via the TCL Home App. Works with Google Assistant, Alexa, or your compatible TCL Android TV.

Gentle Breeze

Air is blown in a more natural, breeze-like fashion via 14 Vertical Vanes and up to 1,422 Micro Holes. A Coanda Airflow system distributes air in a more immersive, broader flow throughout the room.

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Auto Clean/Clean Reminder

The 4-Step Auto Clean Mode uses water molecules in the air to help carry away accumulated dirt, bacteria, and impurities. Plus, you get friendly reminders when it is time to clean your filter. This safeguards air quality without the added maintenance.

Air Purification

Keep your air clean and dust-free with the top mounted integrated filter. Efficiently removes dirt, pollen, and bacteria from the airflow so you can breathe fresh.

Fast Cooling and Heating

Get comfortable quickly with powerfully fast heating or cooling in Turbo Start mode. No more waiting before getting to relax in your ideal temperature.

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iFeel Function

iFeel enables environmental temperature to be taken directly via a sensor built into the remote. Relax in more comfort, with high precision in-room readings and air delivery.

Smart Air Flow

TCL’s innovative air conditioning system ensures cool air is directed upwards, for a wide reaching, ‘shower-style’ refreshment. Warm air is blown downwards, to deliver a more immersive ‘blanket-style’ air flow. Air is distributed more evenly — avoiding hot and stuffy, or extreme cold distribution.

Inverter Technology

Unique TCL inverter technology ensures perfect performance with energy efficiency. Enjoy a split system that is faster and more proactive in helping you reach your comfort zone.

Eco Mode

Hit Eco Mode for a fixed, efficiency optimised 26℃ program. Designed to be kinder on the environment, saving on electricity bills, and maintaining a tight temperature range. Ideal for responsible, fuss-free background performance.

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Sleep Mode

Once activated, Sleep Mode will run at lower capacity, maintaining a narrow temperature buffer. Temperature slowly fluctuates during long-term operation, for refreshment tailored to sleep duration – for energy efficient performance through the night.


When encountering any irregularities, the air conditioner will feedback information on the display – for immediate diagnosis and simple upkeep.

Available from Appliances Online, Bi-Rite, Betta Home Living and Leading Appliances.

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