Taking pool heating to a new level

Coming into the winter months, it is time to start thinking about great heaters to make sure you are making the most of your pool.

PowerFirst heat Pump Powerforce Heat Pump

A pool is the type of investment that lasts for the entire time you have a property. Why, then, would anyone only want to get the best out of their pool during the warmer months and not for the entire year?

Zodiac, an industry leader for over 25 years in pool heating and cleaning services, provide innovative and user friendly products and services to thousands of people each year. Renowned in the industry for their high quality products, Zodiac stock everything possible to make sure that your pool is in spectacular swimming condition all year around, regardless of weather.

The PowerFirst range is available from Zodiac in many makes and models to suit all pool shapes, sizes and needs. Similarly, for larger pools, the PowerForce range offers great support for any pool – bringing the convenience of commercial pool heating to your home.


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