Oxiswim: the preferred pool sanitisation system for Australian sports stars


Professional athletes Daryl and Julie Corletto know the importance of swimming pools and their role in maintaining a healthy mind and body.

The professional basketball player and recently retired netball player underwent regular pool sessions and hydrotherapy exercises as part of their training and recovery programs.

However, as parents to a daughter who suffers from eczema — a condition that affects up to 30 per cent of the Australian population — they are also familiar with the unpleasant side effects that come with swimming in highly chlorinated pools.

“Zara has lessons three times a week at the local aquatic centre and her skin is really itchy for a couple of days afterwards,” Daryl explains. “We have to apply a cream to her skin after each lesson because of the high levels of chlorine required to keep water hygienic with so many kids in the pool at the same time.”

From cloudy to clear

When maintaining the family swimming pool started to become time consuming and costly, the Corlettos knew they needed a more reliable, easy to manage solution.

“I was getting the water tested every three weeks in summer because it was constantly cloudy,” says Daryl. “This meant adding chemicals, which was inconvenient and expensive.”

For Waterco field service technician Luke Helbig, the answer to all their concerns was simple: Oxiswim.


The result from many years of research looking for healthier alternative sanitisers to chlorine, Oxiswim’s sanitisation system revolutionises, and simplifies, how a pool or spa is maintained.

“Hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide are scientifically proven to sanitise water far more effectively than chlorine alone,” explains Oxiswim inventor Nick Briscoe. “The combined power of these two sanitisers provides an oxygen-rich environment that is exceptionally efficient in neutralising pathogens.”

An added benefit of using the system’s unique blend of salts, known as Perox Safe & Clear, is that they effectively destroy stubborn biofilm on the pool’s surfaces.

“The pool floor had stains on it, which were caused by biofilm acting as a seal over dirt,” explains Helbig. “Nothing Daryl and Julie did could remove it. However, only a couple of months after installing Oxiswim, the oxidation had caused the biofilm to disintegrate and the dirt to be backwashed out of the pool water.”

Silky smooth pool water

Oxiswim is ideal for swimmers with sensitive skin due to chlorine dioxide, an oxidising agent globally recognised as a highly effective water sanitiser with minimal by-products. Commonly used in large-scale water treatment applications, it breaks down into a salt — a natural mineral — with virtually no side effects.

“The system is incredible and really easy to maintain,” says Daryl. “Oxiswim maintains sparkling pool water that, amazingly, doesn’t feel like water. “The silky water falls off your skin; you don’t even feel wet when you come out of the pool.”

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