Designing a desirable swimming pool

Marketing terms like “low maintenance”, “automate your pool” and “more time swimming, less time cleaning” have long been used in the industry to sell the dream that owning a pool — arguably one of life’s biggest investments — can be easy.

There’s no doubt that automation and advances in pool technology have transformed the way we maintain our pools. What used to require a trip to the plant room can now often be achieved with a flick of a switch or download of an app. These innovations enable homeowners to enjoy a resort-like swimming experience in the comfort of their own backyard without the level of maintenance and attention required just a few years ago.

Waterco, which started as a pool equipment manufacturer, is at the forefront of this movement. The technologically savvy company has evolved from creating durable plastic and fibreglass products to developing a suite of equipment, chemicals, minerals, and electronic components that make pool maintenance easier — and owning a pool more desirable.

“Ray Morgan research estimates 2.7 million Australians live in a house with a pool — equivalent to 13 per cent of the population — and our goal is to provide them with a suite of products and systems that simplify maintenance while creating a sought-after, sustainable lifestyle,” explains Waterco Chief Operating Officer Bryan Goh.

“From variable speed pumps and sanitisation equipment to mineral chlorinators and heat pumps, Waterco’s innovations, many of which have Climate Care Certification, create optimum swimming conditions with minimal water and energy consumption.”

MultiCyclone Dual Filtration System

Waterco’s dual filtration system, which features its MultiCyclone Centrifugal and Opal Cartridge filters, is engineered to reduce water consumption and maintenance. The innovative technology uses advanced centrifugal water filtration, meaning there are no moving parts and no filter media to clean or replace.

Furthermore, the installation of a MultiCyclone as a pre-filter to a cartridge filter can reduce cartridge maintenance to approximately once per swimming season, resulting in significant savings of water.

Electrochlor Plus Mineral Chlorinator

Electrochlor Plus Mineral Chlorinator makes your pool smarter by automatically taking care of sanitisation, pH management, filtration, and auxiliary equipment so you don’t have to. This one device monitors and displays everything you need to know about your pool in real-time.

It also automatically controls the pool’s pH balance through feedback from inline sensors. Maintaining correct pH levels (7.4-7.6 pH) is essential for many reasons: ensures you get the most out of your sanitising chemicals, protects pool surfaces and equipment from corrosion or scaling, and creates a more pleasant swimming experience.

Hydrostorm ECO-V 100 Variable Speed Pump

Equipped with the latest three-speed permanent magnet brushless DC motor, the 5-star energy-rated Hydrostorm ECO-V 100 Variable Speed Pump can be operated on its low (ECO) speed setting for a majority of its running time, leading to 80 per cent energy savings. This allows pool owners to take advantage of off-peak electrical tariff periods, without disrupting neighbours.

Oxiswim Hybrid Sanitisation System

Waterco’s Oxiswim is a revolutionary breakthrough in water treatment technology that combines the use of electrolysis with hydrogen peroxide to create freshwater conditions that feel luxurious to swim in.

It not only simplifies how a swimming pool is managed but is also the first of its kind ever offered in the swimming pool sector that prevents biofilm from flourishing. While not generally recognised as a key factor when maintaining a pool, it does contribute to increased sanitiser demands and poor water quality.

Energy-efficient pool heating

Using energy-efficient pool heating solutions such as solar and heat pumps can provide a range of benefits, from cost savings and environmental friendliness to improved comfort and increased home value. Advancements in technology are capable of heating pool water far more economically than they did just a few years ago, enabling users to enjoy their pool for more days throughout the year — making better use of their investment and the lifestyle benefits it brings.

Pool owner-friendly in-floor cleaning system

Finally, don’t waste hours cleaning your new pool when Waterco’s Blue Square Q360 in-floor pool cleaners can do it for you. Virtually invisible, the Q360 system is fully automatic and can handle high debris levels so there is no need for an additional cleaner with hoses and cords to become tangled in.

“Whether installing a new pool or refurbishing an outdated one, a little bit of research, in the beginning, can go a long way in mitigating the ongoing maintenance and energy requirements of a swimming pool,” says Goh. “For example, installing an in-floor cleaner means you never have to vacuum the pool. There are so many options that make it possible to create a desirable pool.”

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