Pool porthole windows: a creative architectural design

Pool porthole windows: a creative architectural design


Unique porthole windows along one side and a negative edge on the other make this pool the perfect match for its impressive architectural home

This exceptional pool is situated on a coveted block, adjacent to parkland in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. The home, landscape and pool were all designed by the homeowners’ architect to best utilise the property’s available space and to make the most of the leafy views of the park. East Coast Pools worked with home builders Arundel Constructions to bring the pool concept to life, and both the pool and house were built simultaneously.

“The house is very interesting to look at and is made of glass, steel, concrete, stone and rendered finishes,” says Colin Sloggett of East Coast Pools. “They completed the ground-floor slab, then called us in to build the swimming pool. We put the structure in place while they were building the walls of the home around us. Once the pool structure was in place, the builders then started the next level of the home.”

The pool features a 3m negative edge, clad in chiselled granite, on one side, which faces out to parkland to the north of the pool. Five porthole windows have been built into the pool walls, which look into the ground floor of the home. “The block slopes down, so when you walk in from the footpath you are at the pool level, on the first floor. The ground floor below contains the bedrooms and bathrooms of the home,” explains Colin.

The pool was constructed with some fairly specific engineering requirements to support the pool floor because, being a sloping block, it was constructed fully out of the ground. “The entire pool is built up out of the ground so there were foundation requirements and block work to get right before we started the pool,” explains Colin. The result is a pool that is impressive as a standalone feature, but also looks great with the contemporary home.

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East Coast Swimming Pools was established in 2001 with a strong commitment to quality, service and attentive project management. Owner and principal Colin Sloggett has more than 30 years’ experience in swimming pool and landscape construction. East Coast’s emphasis on quality can be seen at all stages of the design and construction process. The company uses quality, state-of-the-art materials and techniques together with reputable and reliable tradespeople.

East Coast Swimming Pools can design and construct a swimming pool, spa, landscape or exterior space, as well as look after each project from initial concept to design, construction and completion. The company’s experience, passion and skill have seen it create stunning pools, spas and landscapes on the Mornington Peninsula, and in Melbourne’s Bayside and south-east suburbs.

East Coast Swimming Pools is a member of SPASA and the HIA.

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