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Summertime has arrived, bringing the opportunity to spend countless hours outdoors with friends and family.

The allure of a clear blue sky and a gentle breeze is irresistible, but in Australia, our sun can be relentless. Compared to Europe or the USA, we experience significantly higher levels of UV radiation, posing a serious threat to our skin with prolonged sun exposure.

Introducing an outdoor umbrella to your deck, backyard, or patio this summer can serve as a safeguard against the harsh rays. With this addition, you can relish the outdoors throughout the afternoon without risking prolonged exposure to the sun, ensuring the well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

Side Pole Umbrella 3x3m
Side Pole Umbrella 3x3m

Cosh Living proudly showcases the exquisite offerings of the renowned Belgian brand Jardinico, experts in crafting premium umbrellas tailored for residential homes, hotels, and resorts. Boasting over 15 years of expertise, Jardinico seamlessly blends style and functionality, presenting a diverse range of umbrellas to complement any home.

When choosing the ideal umbrella for your needs, two main styles are available for consideration. The Centre Pole umbrella and the Cantilever, also known as the ‘Side Pole’ umbrella, each offer distinctive features to cater to your specific preferences.

Caractere Centre Pole Umbrella

The quintessential outdoor umbrella design, the centre pole, embodies the classic style that comes to mind for many. Characterized by a single, straight pole supporting a canopy and anchored by a base, this timeless umbrella style is ideal for shielding you from direct overhead sunlight during the peak heat of the day. Equipped with wheels on the base, you have the flexibility to easily relocate the umbrella to your preferred spot.

The Caractere Centre Pole Umbrella
The Caractere Centre Pole Umbrella

It’s crucial to note that the centre pole umbrella might not provide complete coverage when the sun is low in the sky. If your garden or courtyard is shielded on the sides by walls or fences, the sun may dip out of sight in the afternoon, making the centre pole sufficient for your needs. Fortunately, during this time, the sun’s rays are not as intense and scorching, but they still emit UV radiation.

The Centre Poles are available in a range of stylish, monochromatic tones. Shop here.

Caractere Side Pole Umbrella

For those with an expansive outdoor area exposed to abundant sunlight throughout the day, a cantilever or ‘Side Pole’ umbrella could be the more suitable choice. These umbrellas showcase a spacious base with a pole extending to one side. The canopy extends or cantilevers outward, providing optimal shade without the obstruction of a central pole.

Caractere Side Pole umbrella using it's left/right tilt function to create shade.
Caractere Side Pole umbrella using it’s left/right tilt function to create shade.

The Caractere Side Pole umbrella from Jardinico offers remarkable flexibility. Positioned on a base equipped with lockable wheels, you have the freedom to relocate it wherever needed. The preferred canopy size, measuring 3m x 3m when fully open, proves ample for covering expansive dining settings or lounge areas. What sets the Caractere apart is its ability to rotate 360 degrees on the base, easily achieved by pushing the lever with your foot. Notably, the 3m canopy can tilt left and right, providing shade from lower rays creeping in from the sides—a feature activated by the handle on the pole. Additionally, the canopy is adjustable in height, allowing you to secure it at any position along the pole. An exciting addition is the contemporary base option in a stunning grey granite finish.

No pole in the middle of these two loungers to get in the way of the view! The Caractere Side Pole umbrella in White/Graumel colourway.
No pole in the middle of these two loungers to get in the way of the view! The Caractere Side Pole umbrella in White/Graumel colourway.

No matter where the sun happens to be, our outdoor umbrellas have got you covered. All materials undergo rigorous testing for water exposure, UV resilience, and resistance to mould and mildew.

For umbrellas located near the ocean or pool, it’s essential to regularly remove chlorine and sea salt using a hose or bucket of water to maintain their appearance and optimal functionality.

All the mentioned umbrellas are equipped with wheels for easy mobility, but it’s crucial to lock them when not in the process of being moved.

If you require assistance in selecting the perfect umbrella for your home, feel free to reach out to our friendly showroom staff. We have five showrooms across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and two locations in Melbourne—Richmond and Cheltenham.

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