The secret to stunning pool fencing: treated glass

When constructing a beautiful new pool, or renovating an existing one, how do you keep the ‘WOW factor’ in your glass pool fencing? This treated glass shows you how.

The glass pool fencing used around this stunning pool has been treated with EnduroShield’s easy clean surface barrier. Maintaining the sparkling appearance of this feature pool fencing is easy with EnduroShield treated glass.

EnduroShield keeps glass cleaner for longer in between cleans, and significantly reduces upkeep. All that’s needed is a wipe over the treated glass with a microfibre cloth and a mild detergent, or a natural, eco-friendly product such as white vinegar.

The EnduroShield non-stick treatment also protects glass against permanent staining and etching from contaminants like sea salt, pool chemicals, dirt and grime. Untreated glass is porous and absorbs contaminants, leading to deterioration, etching and discolouration. Cleaning then becomes more and more difficult resulting in costly glass maintenance.

Not only does EnduroShield save you time and money on cleaning and maintenance, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Every change we make in our homes to improve sustainability makes a difference to the environment. When you use EnduroShield, the need for harsh toxic chemicals is eliminated, thereby avoiding toxic chemicals from draining into our waterways and oceans. And because you clean less often, you use less water, helping to conserve water resources. The environmental benefits of using EnduroShield to protect your pool glass fencing are cumulative and ongoing.

So protect your beautiful glass pool surrounds with peace-of-mind by using EnduroShield; relax, unwind and enjoy more time with your family and friends around the pool.

EnduroShield can be applied to new or existing glass surfaces. It’s available as pre-treated glass pool fencing, can be applied onsite to existing glass by the EnduroShield team, or you can DIY with EnduroShield’s easy to apply DIY kits.

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