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Most Australian swimming pools are equipped with a heater (some have two!), however very few families choose to use the pool when the weather is cold. The financial and environmental costs of heating an outdoor pool in winter would far outweigh the benefits.

A pool enclosure isolates the swimming pool from its external environment, playing a critical role in reducing heat loss during the colder months. It becomes cheaper to keep the pool heated and functional so it can be used through the shoulder seasons and in winter.

Additionally, less water is evaporated, saving on chemicals and having to use more water. A pool enclosure also provides protection from elements such as rain, hail and wind,
allowing the pool to be used regardless of the weather outside.

Tree leaves and dirt can be one of the biggest headaches for swimming pool owners, necessitating regular cleaning and scooping leaves off the surface and out of the filter. A cover will stop leaves and dirt entering your pool altogether, leading to a cleaner pool, less maintenance and often an extended life for your pool equipment.

A pool enclosure is also an effective way of keeping young children and pets from entering the pool area without an adult. With just the one point of entry — a safety gate set to Australian standards — there is no way for kids or animals to climb or jump fences and get into the pool.

Excelite Pool Enclosure has three basic models and various standard sizes. The company can also customise an enclosure to suit specific needs. To give customers peace of mind, the team take on-site measurements and provide a detailed drawing of the enclosure over the pool before any final decisions are made. “That way you know what your pool enclosure will look like before placing your order,” says Angela Yang, general manager of Excelite Pool Enclosure Australia.
“You can also choose your favourite colour. Our covers are good quality at affordable prices. They also come with a 10-year quality guarantee.”

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