Swim anytime with an Excelite pool enclosure

Spending time in your pool or spa is a year-round proposition with this smart designer pool enclosure

Swim anytime with an Excelite pool enclosure

With a stylish Excelite polycarbonate pool enclosure you can happily use your swimming pool year-round. In summer you can enjoy protection from the punishing heat and the sun’s damaging UV rays, while in winter you’ll be 8-10⁰ warmer — and you’ll be sheltered from cold winds and rain, your swimming season extended in comfort.

In addition, you’ll save money. First on regular maintenance as the enclosure keeps leaves, dirt and bugs out of your pool; second on energy costs as you won’t need to run your pool heating system as often; and third, there will be less water and chemical loss due to evaporation. The enclosures also offer parents peace of mind as they are securely anchored in place and can be locked to keep young children out.

Excelite pool enclosures have a simple, practical design. They suit all styles of outdoor designs and it’s easy to open your pool to the elements when you want to. You just need to stack the side sections to one side, or to both sides, whatever you prefer.

A reasonably priced solution when you need protection from the weather, the enclosures can be customised — and because the designer is based in Melbourne, the response time is fast.

The company also offers spa enclosures with a fashionable dome design. The dome’s transparency means you can enjoy the summer sunshine without having to endure excessive heat and in the colder months, the dome provides good insulation. Of course, the dome’s use isn’t limited to just covering an outdoor spa — you could easily use it as a garden tea room or a children’s play area.
A major benefit of all Excelite enclosures is the affordable price, allowing every Australian the chance to swim or soak in the spa, summer through to winter.

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