Swimming all year round: an ingenious pool solution


For more than 40 years, students at the College Français in the French-Canadian city of Longueuil have enjoyed year-round swimming in the school’s indoor pool and sporting complex. The multi-sports centre is also used by other members, from the local community. So it’s little wonder that decades of constant use finally took their toll – and in 2015 a major renovation was undertaken

The half-Olympic size pool, built in 1975, was in major need of renovation, particularly because of the water’s poor balance and cloudy appearance caused by bad recirculation and inefficient filtration. Pool and spa specialist Piscines et Spa POSEIDON was tasked with upgrading the pool facility and a key requirement was to change the existing, inefficient filtration system, which included 5 Triton sand filters.

Addressing space issues

One of the challenges Poseidon faced was a low ceiling and lack of space in the pump room. To help solve the problem, Poseidon turned straight to Waterco for the solution. Poseidon elected to use Waterco’s M3750 Micron Horizontal Filter, due to its compact design, making it ideal for the cramped space of the pump room.

Waterco’s Micron horizontal fibreglass filters are known throughout the industry for their impressive performance and reliability.

The Micron Horizontal Filter has a lateral configuration, which provides a more natural flow of water through the filter and ensures optimum water filtration and balanced fluidisation of the filter bed during backwashing. Its individual laterals are shortened while maintaining filter media bed coverage to reduce the friction head loss of each lateral and further improve the hydraulic efficiency. The result is reduced backwash run times, which saves valuable water and produces flatter, more uniform filter media bed after backwashing.

Waterco’s new lateral configuration provides a more natural flow of water through the filter, ensuring optimum water filtration and balanced fluidisation of the filter bed during backwashing. In addition to the Micron filter, Poseidon also suggested Glass Pearl media and Waterco’s Hydro 5000 20HP Commercial Pump.

Glass Pearls filter out anything larger than 3 microns, which provides superior quality water. With a size of only 0.6mm to 0.8mm, this type of media allows very effective, in-depth filtration. The spherical shape of the beads ensures less friction levels inside the filter, which means just 20% of the water you would use to backwash a sand filter is needed.

Waterco’s Glass Pearls are manufactured from 100% pure virgin glass and prove an extremely narrow particle size range, enabling the creation of a dense homogeneous filter media bed.

The Hydro 5000 is a cast iron pump that features a hydraulically efficient bronze impeller, which allows for quiet operation and excellent flow plus an 18-litre capacity strainer, well able to handle the demands of a half-Olympic size pool in constant use.

The Hydro 5000 pump features a hydraulically efficient bronze impeller which allows for quiet operation and excellent flow plus an 18-litre thermoplastic strainer.

A clear solution

Poseidon’s Jesens Cloutier said the result of the installation was a resounding success.

“The quality of Waterco’s products, the warranty and the fact that Waterco Canada is a local supplier were the reason we chose their equipment for the project,” he said. “The new equipment was installed in October 2015 and there is no comparison with what the water quality was like before. It’s really better. The glass pearl media also means there is less maintenance required.”

M3750 at a glance
• Part of Waterco’s “M series” of Micron Horizontal Filters
• A space-saving high performer
• Compact horizontal design
• Spherical ends designed to give uniform flow from both inlet and outlet collection assemblies.
• Micron Horizontal filters are available with a 500mm (M) filter media bed and a 1200mm (MD) filter media bed.
• Sturdy service manhole
• Inlet and outlet ports located for ease of plumbing
• Automatic air release
• Looped distribution and lateral system
• UV and corrosion-resistant fibreglass wound tank
• Large stable support skirt

Hydro 5000 pump at a glance
• Heavy duty IP55 weather-proofed motor with 431stainless steel shaft
• 4″ flanged discharge port
• Clear polycarbonate strainer lid enables an instant view of the trainer basket
• New lock grip with easy-grip handles – no tools required for simple removal and replacement of lid
• Moulded polypropylene basket
• 6″ flanged suction pot
• Rugged cast iron construction
• Drain plug
• Enclosed bronze impeller and bronze wear rings for long lasting reliability
• Integral support base for ease of mounting

Glass pearl media at a glance
• Manufactured from 100% virgin glass
• Spherical shape of beads means less friction levels inside the filter and therefore requires only 20% of the water needed to backwash a sand filter
• Offer much finer filtration than other alternatives and are therefore capable of providing outstanding water purity and clarity (filtration below 3 microns).
• Chemically inert, safe, smooth and high purity

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