everton glass pool fencing

A DIY solution: frameless glass fencing


Keep your pool looking beautiful and safe with Everton glass pool fencing

When it comes to the design of your pool there are three vital components that spring to mind: safety, fun and style. And for all of these, Everton has you covered. With the Everton Core-Drill Mini Post System you can protect your pool with frameless glass fencing, offering both safety and fun for all in a visually stunning way.

The Everton Mini Post System is one of the easiest systems to install as it offers DIY-ers the ability to easily adjust the panel spacing once the mini posts have been installed. The grub screw fixings are easily accessed for loosening and re-tightening once the ideal glass position has been achieved. The Everton Mini Post System provides a fully frameless appearance without the additional installation commitment of a Channel System.

The Everton Core-Drill Mini Post offers superior fixing strength when compared to traditional surface mount designs. A hole is core drilled into a concrete substrate and the post is grouted into place with structural grout. Post extensions are also available which allow the post length to be extended and concreted into a variety of surfaces, including grass.

The Mini Post Pool Fencing System is understandably Everton’s most popular product. The simplicity of the design allows easy retro-fitting to an outdoor space, offering an affordable, high-quality fence for new and existing pool structures.

The Everton Stainless Steel Mini Post System is now available in three mounting options: surface mount, deck mount and core-drill, which allows consumers to install the system across various substrates without changing the design of the post.

So bring out your tool belt and get DIYing as you add safety, aesthetics and fun to your pool without breaking the bank.

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Originally in Poolside, Volume 48