Family pool meets water feature

When not needed for swimming or family games, this pool transforms into a grand cascading water feature.


 Is this a large-scale water feature or a funky family swimming pool? The answer is both.


Measuring 9m x 4m, the above-ground pool features a Perspex window in the wall that faces the house and a wading pool at ground level. The wading area gives children a safe place to splash about while the pool above is large enough for family fun and exercise. Both pool and wading area are tiled in blue glass mosaics, the fresh vibrant colour of the tiles a contrast to the deeper tones of the bluestone coping, granite pavers and dark-coloured rear garden wall. The colour and shine of the pool tiles can also be appreciated through the Perspex window, turning the pool into a design focal point in its own right — especially at night when the LED pool lights are on.


When it’s time for the water feature to claim centre stage, the owners switch on a blower at the bottom of the window. This sends water cascading over and down the window into the wading pool below, which has three
bubble jets to enhance the effect. The invigorating sight and sound of the splashing water provides a great backdrop when entertaining and is a constant source of delight to young visitors.


Designed by the homeowners and built by Artesian Pools, the pool makes good use of what is a modestly sized rear garden. Space was found for side steps and a small deck area. To ensure the space is family-friendly, there is an expanse of lawn and the wading pool can be seen from any part of the backyard. This allows parents to easily supervise young children at play in the shallow water.

Pool construction

Artesian Pools

Originally from Australia’s Best Landscape & Pool Design Volume 1

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