Guiding the eye: a pool with clean lines and clever features


Pearls of water seem to levitate and catch the light in this example of sublime, modern pool design

Jade Swimming Pools, an award-winning company that designs and builds custom pools, had the exciting brief to design a pool that caught the eye and utilised the home’s outdoor space. Working closely with the owners, Jade Pools designed this Sydney pool to take advantage of limited space by using the pool’s own lines to create a perception of amplitude within the backyard.

The team also designed a feature in the centre of the pool to capture the attention of visitors. Within the minimal framing of a white column arrangement, a water feature rains down into the pool to create a small waterfall. Utility and aesthetics were prioritised in this design, with an elegant nod to European architecture that lets you imagine you have just jumped off a yacht into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. It would be impossible to stop the kids from spending their hot summers underneath the water feature.

At seven metres long, the pool is met at one end with uniquely designed raised plinths that guide you into the pool and give the beautiful impression of floating islands in the water. These major features shaped the Jade Pools design, allowing other subtle elements to maximise the outdoor space. The pool is framed by dark, rich woodwork which, through both its lateral placement and colour, accentuates the contrast of the pool’s white rendered structure and contributes to a feeling of spaciousness. Sustainable construction is pursued through the use of reinforced steel, which guarantees to maximise the pool’s lifespan.


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Originally from Poolside Showcase magazine, Volume 20

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