The latest in pool energy solutions: variable speed pumps


Cut the costs of swimming with these variable speed pumps

Energy conservation and efficiency is on everyone’s mind. We all think about what we can do for the environment and how to reduce that incoming energy bill with summer just around the corner.

For peace of mind, upgrading to a Hayward Energy Solution may be the ticket to that worry-free new year. Hayward’s latest energy-efficient MaxFlo and Tristar variable speed pumps are the latest in a series of must-have upgrades to cut the cost of swimming.

Offering up to 80 per cent energy cost-savings over comparable single-speed pool pump alternatives, the MaxFlo VS’s integrated variable-speed drive is the ideal upgrade for those looking to reduce energy consumption and save money. It boasts an eight-star energy efficiency rating thanks to its enclosed, permanent magnet motor. Designed to provide incredible durability over its lifetime, it is super-quiet at all speeds, allowing families to enjoy the pool without the underlying drone of pumping water.

It’s not only quiet, but The MaxFlo VS system features a digital interface for complete control over energy use. The screen shows real-time power consumption in watts for immediate feedback so that homeowners can maximise energy savings.

For an even better return on investment, however, upgrade to Hayward’s Tristar VS series, the most efficient pool pump available at any speed. It saves pool owners up to 90 per cent of their energy costs compared with ordinary single-speed units. Instead of running continuously at maximum power, the Tristar VS pump efficiently regulates the flow of water according to the pool’s requirements at any given time and has variable speed and inbuilt timer controls.

This means homeowners will never again have to worry about the exorbitant power costs that usually come with pool ownership.

The Tristar VS is the only pump in the Australian marketplace that has been awarded a nine-star energy rating*. Its super-silent decibel rating will allow homeowners to enjoy their backyard vacation in peace and quiet. It’s the perfect Christmas present to the family and the hip pocket for these summer holidays.

Individually, each piece of pool equipment Hayward manufactures is engineered to be extremely energy efficient; in combination, Hayward Energy Solutions saves pool owners up to 90 per cent on their pool costs. It is this commitment to environmental responsibility that has made Hayward a global leader in pool products for more than 80 years.

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Originally in Poolside Showcase, Volume 24