Top benefits of hot tubs

Hot tubs don’t just feel great— they also can look great when integrated into your outdoor design

Closing your eyes and relaxing in a tub of warm water sounds relaxing — but that’s not all your hot tub can do for you.

Ukko Saunas offer a range of hot tubs featuring stylish designs and the latest in heating, jet and sanitisation technology. All tubs are built using Western Red Cedar — a popular choice for thousands of years due to cedar’s natural resilience to decay and their expansive properties when soaked.

Furthermore, Ukko Saunas’ hot tubs allow you to sit upright to enjoy the full benefits of the jets, which are stronger than more common acrylic spas. Ukko Tubs last a lifetime

The original Cedar wooden tub allows the user to sit upright, enjoying the full benefit of the jets, which are stronger than in the more common acrylic spas. Unlike acrylic spas and similar cedar tubs that use silicon to be waterproof, Ukko Tubs will last a lifetime, as  the seal is achieved using the natural expansion of the timber when wet.

Users have a choice of many different additional options, including a four-colour LED mood light that provides a dozen different effects and a corona discharge ozonator and an ioniser to reduce the chemical usage for sanitisation by more than 80 per cent.

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