Simple and sophisticated pool design


A Total Concept designed this simple and sophisticated pool to enhance and compliment the timeless elegance of the traditional suburban home

This simple and sophisticated pool and landscape design adds immeasurable value to this time-honoured home.

“The outdoor spaces for this project were originally sloped over one metre through their length and were orientated in an L-shape, which created two very disjointed unusable spaces,” reflects John Storch, head of A Total Concept Landscape Architects and Swimming Pool Designers. “It was important that we created a link between the two spaces and their differing levels.” This link was achieved by locating a large paved entertaining area at a mid-height with broad steps leading downwards and upwards to visually connect the formal lawn and swimming pool areas.

From the formal lawn and sandstone paved entertaining area, the dramatic views of the pool are maximised with the use of frameless glass fencing. The beautiful flowing, formal swimming pool features translucent deep-blue glass tiles that cause the water to shimmer and sparkle.

The pool is overviewed by the paved poolside area which acts as a podium for entertainment, relaxation and supervision while the children enjoy all the pool has to offer. It has been designed with a deep middle for diving safety as well as opposing shallow ends so that children can play ball games, such as volleyball, while standing on each side.

The swimming pool, paved entertaining area and lawn area have been designed in a simplistic, formal style that complements the traditional residence. The landscaped gardens are brimming with an intentionally simple palette of glossy foliated hedging plants, making certain that the plants harmonise with, rather than detract from, the main features.

To guarantee the gardens viability, composting and heavy mulching along with a water-wise fully-automatic drip irrigation system — linked to large water storage tanks — have all been installed. Landscape lights have been incorporated throughout to create a spectacular garden backdrop at night when viewed from the home and to enable the paved entertaining area can be used on balmy summer nights.

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“Classic Living” from Poolside magazine 40

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