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When it comes to filtering larger pools and saving water, Waterco’s Opal and Fulflo cartridge filter range has you covered

The Opal Cartridge Filter will leave your pool sparkling, with minimal wastage and even less fuss.The Opal’s cartridges are fabricated from pleated reusable polyester fabric, which can easily be cleaned with an everyday garden hose.These pleats are engineered to offer maximum surface area, 12.5m2 for the OPAL 135 and 16.5m2 for the Opal 180.

This high surface area optimizes the cartridge’s dirt holding capacity, extending time between cleaning to reduce water wastage.A screw-on lock ring allows easy access to the cartridge to facilitate removal, cleaning and reinstallation within minutes.

For really big pools, there is also a supersize option, the Opal XL. These whoppers are ideal for applications where backwashing is not practical, or areas where water is scarce.An innovative dome shaped lid allows room to accommodate an extra large cartridge to meet the capacity of pools up to 180,000 litres. These extra large pleated cartridges have greater surface areas, measuring 20.9m2 for the Opal XL 225 and 25.1m2 for the Opal XL 270. Combined with a Multicyclone centrifugal pre-filter, Opal XL cartridge filters only require a seasonal clean when used with an average sized domestic swimming pool.

Constructed from high impact polypropylene and designed for easy maintenance, Opal Cartridge Filters provide years of trouble-free service. Waterco stands by its promise of quality, offering a 10-year warranty on the Opal Cartridge Filter’s tank and one year on all other components.

Living with severe water shortages need not mean swimming pool owners have to sacrifice the quality of the water in their pools. For areas with extreme water shortages Fulflo Tri-Cartridge Filter is the ultimate water saving option. Fulflo Tri-Cartridge Filters are a new generation of filters, specially designed for arid or low rainfall areas, or periods in which water restrictions apply.

These groundbreaking filters house three individual pleated filter cartridges fabricated from specially engineered easy to clean polymers. The three pleated cartridges combine to create a huge surface area of up to 46m², providing the ultimate dirt holding capacity to decrease cleaning frequency even further.

With the Fulflo, filter cleaning should not be required more than once a year.

This is particularly good news for pool owners wishing to comply with Level 5 water restrictions or dealing with situations where backwashing is simply not practical.When cleaning is required, the new filter’s split tank design incorporates an easy-to-use clamp that allows quick access to the filter cartridge without disturbing the piping and connections.

The Fulflo Tri-Cartridge Filter allows pool owners to enjoy crystal clear water, no matter what the conditions.

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