Waterco: energy efficient pool and spa heating solutions

For pioneering pool companies like Waterco, product sustainability has evolved from a feel-good mission statement into a bona fide business model that infuses every aspect of research and development. Consequently, the Australian-based, ASX-listed company (ASX:WAT) is now considered a world leader when it comes to producing energy efficient pool and spa heating solutions.

Since it began manufacturing heat pumps in 1986, Waterco has seen major milestones in the consumer demand for products that are reliable, highly efficient, and economical to run. With Australia boasting the highest number of pool ownership in the world per capita, it has long felt incumbent to help consumers reach the highest levels of sustainability.

Compared to gas and electric, heat pumps use just a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat. Although they initially take longer than gas heaters to warm up the pool or spa water, they are much more economical and will then maintain the heating as well as gas heaters.

“Heat pumps extracts heat from the air, just like a reverse cycle air conditioner, and use that heat to produce hot water,” says Waterco group marketing director Bryan Goh.

“As a guide, pool owners can save up to 80% over LPG and 50% over natural gas fuelled heaters,” he explains. “Not only do they create warmer water to swim in but also minimise energy use.”

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