A world of colour: pool lighting

A world of colour: pool lighting


A new generation in multi-colour pool lighting

The all-new MULTI PLUS represents the next generation in multi-colour pool lighting. Featuring a new RGB + White LED array, instant colour selection, and the ability to integrate with major pool controllers, the MULTI PLUS is set to change the way we think about pool lighting.

Using the latest in LED technology, the RGB + White LED array provides beautifully clean white illumination and stunning colour shows never before seen in pool lighting. The MULTI PLUS also features multiple operating modes to integrate seamlessly with major pool control systems. This allows you to operate your pool lights and select colours via the controller panel or mobile app.

The MULTI PLUS also enables you to experience instant colour selection on new and existing pools. You can take complete control of your MULTI PLUS lights when used with the all-new iRIS lighting controller. Select colours, shows and even adjust the brightness — all at the touch of a button.

Best of all, you don’t need special transformers, different cables or expensive control modules. Installation is as simple and as cost-effective as ever and the results will amaze you.

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Originally in Poolside, Volume 48