A Raised Pool With A Custom Feature


A raised pool with custom glass window takes centre stage in this Sydney property

Working in the pool industry provided an array of inspiration for this homeowner, his wife and two children when it came time to choose their own pool. “Our sales consultant at that time was the property owner and he designed this pool with his wife,” explain John and Helen Daniel, owners of Jade Pools. Their specific requirements were for their 8m-long modern rectangular pool to be raised to allow for a custom feature to be installed, and travertine steps leading up to the pool area. “They wanted the pool raised to enable the glass wall to become a feature from both the house and outside,” say John and Helen.

For the construction, the battleaxe site was accessed from a neighbouring property. Conveniently, the neighbour was doing a knockdown/rebuild, which allowed the Jade Pools team to gain access to the backyard. The raised pool is now a great way for the whole family to relax and enjoy the fun of the glass window. In addition, the outdoor area is a spectacular sight at night thanks to the addition of four Aquastar multi-coloured LED lights. This project was acknowledged by the industry when it won the gold award at the 2021 SPASA NSW & ACT awards for Residential Water Feature.

custom glass wall

At Jade Swimming Pools, providing clients with their vision is a key ingredient to the company’s many years of success. Through in-depth consultations using 3D imaging, the team visually walk clients through their dream pool area before it is even built, ensuring the finished product remains true to its surroundings and the client’s needs.

This approach has seen Jade Swimming Pools win several SPASA and Master
Builders Association awards over the years
at metropolitan, state and national levels, including winning the gold awards for Concrete Commercial Pool up to $250,000 and Residential Water Feature Gold Winner at the 2021 SPASA NSW & ACT awards.

John and Helen Daniel started Jade Swimming Pools and construct between 30 and 40 pools a year. The company builds in Sydney’s metropolitan area, including the
Blue Mountains, down to Sutherland and the Camden region, eastern suburbs and northern suburbs to Berowra. Jade specialises in family pools by creating the dream and bringing it to life, regardless of site difficulty, limited access, varying terrains or other site conditions.

“After contract signing, we look at the quickest option for arranging approvals and plans (unless already approved, which occurs in some instances),” explains the Jade Pools team. “Our aim is to start the excavation process within one to two weeks of approvals and after the excavation, steelwork, plumbing and concreting, the shell sits for up to four weeks for curing before the cosmetic finishes to the pool commence.

During the cosmetic stage, we install filtration and heating (if specified) and the fencing is then installed/approved prior to the final finish being applied to the interior. In some instances, the clients will be building a new home and the pool is put on hold while the house is constructed. Then we return to finish the pool after the house is handed over.”
Jade Swimming Pools is a member of SPASA (NSW and ACT), the Housing Industry Association of NSW and the Master Builders Association of NSW.


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