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Pool cleaning made easy


This state-of-the-art technology moves faster and more efficiently around any pool shape

This cleaner may look like any other suction cleaner, however the Navigator V-Flex is so much more: it has been fitted with special variable vane technology called V-Flex. This technology virtually eliminates clogging by allowing debris to freely pass through the flexible, hinged vane inside the cleaner.

With powerful features like this, it’s time to rediscover your favourite pool cleaner.

Not only does this technology virtually eliminate clogging, it also enables the Navigator V-Flex to easily pick up larger dirt and debris and its patented SmartDrive programmed steering determines the most efficient cleaning path around any pool for complete, reliable coverage.

If you’re looking to save energy, Haywards Energy Solutions is the answer. It offers more environmentally responsible solutions on two levels. Individually, each piece of equipment is extremely energy efficient and by working together they reach an entire new level of efficiency.

In this case the Navigator V-Flex’s patented V-Flex technology, wide vacuum inlet and unique wing design prevent clogging while delivering maximum suction power, even at low flow. This makes the cleaner ideal for use with variable-speed pumps, delivering cost-cutting energy savings with results that won’t disappoint.

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