These facade systems help your home's exterior make a statement

These facade systems help your home’s exterior make a statement


Want to make a statement with your home? Using facade systems like these will make it stand out big time, and its easier than you think

How do you make your house stand out from the rest? Easy. Renovate or redesign the first thing people see — the exterior!

The exterior or facade of a home or building is often underutilised when it comes to design. Many of us live in vintage dwellings, time-honoured terraces or modern marvels, so it makes sense to maximise your home’s potential and introduce some style into your exterior.

When it comes to choosing a facade or cladding surface for your project, there are a few factors to consider. Being outdoors, it’s important to balance technical features, resistance to weather and beauty. With this in mind, Neolith Sintered Stone is the premium choice.

Exclusively distributed through CDK Stone, Neolith Sintered Stone has been a favourite among designers for years. Recently launched in Australia are the Neolith Facade systems. After years of development, Neolith has created a superior facades surface suitable for a range of cladding applications. This premium Sintered Stone features styles that replicate the natural beauty of marble, granite, limestone, concrete, metal, timber and more. With more than 50 styles available in four different finishes, Neolith has a look for every home.

The luxury home pictured here showcases Neolith Calacatta in the facade and wall cladding throughout. Designed by Sheppard & Rout Architects, this opulent abode transforms the elegant exterior into a work of art. Perfectly balancing the other architectural elements, Neolith Calacatta creates a lavish aura that engulfs this entire residence.

Get creative with your exterior areas — don’t consider just walling. Think about a statement stone on a balcony, features or building surround. The applications are endless with Neolith Facades’ resistance to UV exposure and weather, as well as being scratch-, stain- and heat-resistant. Neolith is certified against the most stringent European and Australian testing for combustibility, making it an ideal exterior surface.

Be at the forefront of design and make your project stand out from the rest.

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