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Coastal and Hamptons Luxe have been extremely popular, and in Australia we’ve seen a huge shift towards these two home designs in recent years and it’s no surprise, as both of these styles depict Australia’s laid back lifestyle perfectly!

Although both design styles are inspired by the beach lifestyle, there are subtle nuances between the two that speak to different tastes. Hamptons style marries elegance and luxury with understated nods towards the seaside theme, whereas coastal style is more relaxed, raw and bohemian, bringing elements of the outdoors in.

Weathertex Hamptons Living

The first rule of a thriving Hamptons and Coastal Luxe interpretation is to keep your aesthetics light and airy. Inspired by a neutral palette of greys, whites and blues, both of these styles combine all the elements of seaside living, while keeping the overall look refined, timeless and functional.

Hamptons Styled Patio

However, regardless of your preferred style, Weathertex cladding and Classic Shingles Plus are the perfect sustainable building material selection for both inside and out.

Weathertex Coastal Style

Internally, these styles have a light and bright colour palette with a touch of a ‘beachy nautical inspired vibe’ sophistication. Be sure to incorporate Weathertex Selflok weatherboards and Weathergroove panelling into your design to create texture and depth on your walls and ceilings.

Coastal & Hamptons Styling

When it comes to kerb appeal, the Hamptons style evokes grandeur with it’s perfectly smooth weatherboards and Classic Shingles Plus on gables. Bring your own touch of individuality by selecting the many available Weathertex smooth textured cladding to your façade.


Design your Coastal or Hamptons Luxe home with Weathertex and you’re sure to be transported to a place of serenity and style. Here’s some inspirations from some of our amazing customers.

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