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If you are building or renovating, windows and doors can be a significant financial investment and it is important to get it right the first time so you can enjoy increased comfort in your home and low energy bills for years to come.

Many factors can influence your choice of windows and doors, such as frame material, glass performance, privacy considerations, bushfire compliance, the style of the opening and, of course, the orientation of your home on the site. Weather should also be a consideration, such as a coastal location, bushfire-prone areas, a hot and dry climate or the opposite, cold and wet.

Is reducing noise or increasing energy efficiency your main concern? Or are increased security and comfort important? The direction each window and door faces can impact the material and glass choices, as well as the size of the product. With so many styles to choose from, door selection can be overwhelming. Paarhammer has developed five product ranges, all designed for superior performance: the versatile and high-performing Architectural Timber Range, the best-of-both-worlds WoodAlu Range, the tested and compliant Bushfire Safe Range (up to and including BAL-FZ), the economical Komfort+ Range, and the highly energy-efficient Passive House Range. Each presents a practical solution while delivering high-performance windows and doors with superior results. Custom-made in Australia since 1990, these products offer unparalleled security and strength, and energy savings of up to 84 per cent with no draft and no noise.

Thinking about how the space will be used could help to take the confusion out of sliding, bifold, French and hinged doors. For example, lift-slide sliding doors that can span large distances, and corner sliders that open completely with no corner post, offer huge flexibility to living spaces that lead to external patio and barbecue areas. Tilt & turn windows provide two opening positions — a secured tilt opening at the top for ventilation, while also allowing a side-opening casement option for easy cleaning and ample ventilation. A picture or fixed window can frame the view, while sliding, bifold and clerestory windows offer more choices.

Paarhammer heritage windows provide the perfect energy-efficient solution for older buildings. Modern technology has enabled window and door openings to increase in size while retaining energy efficiency. Motorisation and automation mean products in hard-to-reach places are now easily opened and closed with the press of a button. And barrier-free thresholds can be fitted with doors to provide step-free access. With planning and forethought, you can be reaping the benefits of a well-designed home with the best-suited windows and doors for many years to come.

Certified Bushfire Safe products also offer peace of mind, without requiring external shutters. With Paarhammer you can enjoy comfort and energy savings with windows that frame your view and allow generous ventilation, doors that enable free-flowing areas for entertaining and a merging of indoors and out, providing you with increased living space to enjoy your lifestyle.

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