The Pod System

The Pod System


A standardized home extension that attaches seamlessly to your home

The Pod System is a pre-packaged and costed standardized home extension system appropriate for a variety of sites. It is specifically designed to provide a range of standard templates of home extensions for the home owner, from which they can still choose from a range of planning options such as levels, configurations, roof types, and internal and external finishes. The fact that the design of the extension includes a link to the main house distinguishes it from pre-packaged cabins or rooms available. With those, you’d have to buy the pre-fabricated room separately, then build a specially designed ‘link’ to attach it to your house.

Basically, the Pod System is doing for home renovations what project homes did for the new home building industry. It is, in fact, a standardized project home addition, that is conventionally built but allows home owners interchangeable design choices. It is marketed as a ‘total renovation package’, consisting of an architect design service, consultant coordination, council application, construction and insurance. The Pod System has many configurations that enable you to customise it to meet many site challenges, such as a sloping block, or take advantage of the best solar aspect.

The Pod System comes in one or two storey plans. Each plan has a pre-set variety of design combinations (there are 17 x 2-storey plan combinations). Once levels and plans are chosen, details such as roofing combinations are selected. These include a gabled roof or a skillion roof, and there are cladding options such as weatherboard, corrugated iron, or the rendered look.

The interior is pre-designed from three categories: Value, Comfort or Luxury. Each package covers suitable finishes within the kitchen, ensuite, etc, to fit your budget.

The link is what makes the Pod system different from a kit home or pre-fabricated cabin. It ensures the connection between the main house and the extension is seamless, and like the choices above, comes in various configurations. There are 5 link options which differ according to the Pod you’ve chosen, the layout of the land, and the existing house. Further customized extras include bi-folds, decking, water tanks, recycling water systems, blinds, etc… even heated towel racks!

There are some requirements your block must meet, including it must be a minimum 12 metres wide or 6 metres wide if you can have the Pod lengthways. The Pod module measures 9.8 x 4.5 metres.

And the great news is that while the Pod may end up slightly different for everyone according to their choices within the main framework, they all take the same time to build – approx three months after council approval.

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