The Block 2016 Week 3: 3 take-home lessons

The Block 2016 Week 3: 3 take-home lessons
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By Nishi Amaratunga

While last night’s episode of was particularly drama-heavy, it also graced us with some important lessons for anyone involved in a

Here’s hoping these take-home lessons will ensure your renovation experience is as drama-free as humanly possible.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA -JUNE 17TH 2016;Contestants and Cast of The Block Port Melbourne 2016 on Week 3 on the 17th of June 2016 in Melbourne Australia. (Photo by Martin Philbey) *** Local Caption ***The Block 2016

  1. Use space effectively.

Not everyone has access to an abundance of space. If you’ve got it, flaunt it; but if you don’t, be creative with what you have. Look into how you could create the illusion of space—Julia and Sasha appear to be doing this quite well at the moment, with the floating vanity they have planned for their main bathroom.

  1. Be decisive.

Speaking of Julia and Sasha, they spent a LOT of precious time being indecisive about their choice of tiles over the last two episodes. Time is always of the essence during a renovation, regardless of if you’re on a reality TV show or just planning one for your home. If it’s a joint project, take the time to sit down with your renovation partner to figure out exactly what you want the end result to be prior to making purchases. If you need further help, turn to an interiors expert or refer to a trusted home design publication or website for ideas and inspiration.

  1. Be precise.

One of the most dramatic moments of last night’s episode was decidedly when Karlie realised the vanity she received was not the one she had in mind when she ordered a one with “double drawers”—as it turned out, the vanity she required was actually one with two sets of double drawers. Do your research, do your best to view the physical product before placing orders, and be crystal clear when ordering to ensure you receive what you had in mind.

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