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We are proud to finally show the Australian market the launch of the Bild i product family with great excitement and are looking forward to this new TV era from Loewe.

Loewe is taking another revolutionary step and offering customers a completely new product experience with bild i. The new OLED TV sets bild i.65 / bild is.65, Loewe bild i.55 / bild is.55 and Loewe bild i.48 / bild is.48 impress with their outstanding design, fine details and soft shapes as well as a fabric-covered rear panel.

But it’s not just the exterior that has a completely different look, the inner values are also new. The Smart TV from Loewe is a small revolution and differs from its predecessor models. In a modern interpretation, bild i and bild is shows how smart television works. The SL7 chassis in combination with os7 transforms the TV into a new generation of smart OLED TVs.


“This is really the very 1st of the new look LOEWE OLED TV. Designed from the ground up and utilizing exclusive European materials and made in Germany where it all began in 1929.
First ever tuned and calibrated right here in Melbourne Australia by our talented INDI Group inhouse engineers, the new BILD i suits our market like no other TV. After experiencing the performance and extra features, and comparing it to all manufacturers available here, the LOEWE Bild i seriously wins hands down. I have been selling TV’s for over 28 years and I have not seen this quality of build at the prices we have managed to achieve, this is truly a piece of art”.

Smart, flexible, customizable. The new Loewe bild i will be available from October 2021.

Bild i

The OLED models Loewe bild i and bild is. 65, 55 and 48 (bild is. Models feature the Loewe klang bar i) are designed to address a target group that makes no compromises when it comes to design and quality. Loewe relies on a brand-new display technology and first-class hardware for all bild i models. Loewe bild i embodies breathtaking picture quality, fast and intuitive operation, the latest OLED technology and additional smart functions.

Immerse yourself in new visual spheres.

The new bild i and bild is product line boasts premium 4K OLED panels of the latest generation in sizes of 65, 55 and 48 inches. The new Loewe bild i has been designed and developed at Loewe’s headquarters, where it is manufactured on a high-tech production line. Combined with the new Loewe SL7 chassis, the powerful NT7 processor and the new Loewe os7 software, a perfect viewing experience is guaranteed for a wide variety of content, no matter whether movies, series, sporting events or video games. At the same time, users can enjoy the latest standards for picture and sound quality such as Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos™.

The entirely new and exclusive SL7 chassis offers the highest performance as well as numerous connections, e.g. four HDMI inputs with functions such as eARC, HFR, ALLM and four USB ports. The new Loewe os7 software ensures super-fast access to all current and natively integrated streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime. Consequently, nothing will hinder you from a perfect series evening with impressive viewing pleasure.

Intuitive Use

It only takes four seconds to turn on the Loewe bild i / is and it is ready for immediate use. The smart TV’s sophisticated technology leaves no wishes open, and users can quickly navigate to the required functions in the newly designed menu. Standard equipment includes the integrated hard disk recorder Loewe dr+ and 1 TB of hard disk space, making it easy to record TV shows.

The Loewe remote control has also been completely redesigned so that all features and convenience functions are just a touch of a button away. Equipped with an integrated voice assistant, Bluetooth and direct buttons for numerous streaming services, operation is intuitive and dead easy. The newly designed, easy-to-read Loewe home screen shows all important content and an almost limitless selection of entertainment options at a glance. Watching TV, watching video-on-demand, listening to music, surfing the Internet, or using online services are just a few of the functions that the Loewe smart TV easily combines and reproduces in first-class picture quality.

Invisible Sound

Bild i

The Loewe bild i with invisible sound is equipped with two concealed integrated speakers with 40 watts of total music power – ensuring invisible but perfectly audible sound.

The Loewe bild is models with the featured Loewe klang bar i with eight powerful drivers and 80 watts of total music power ensures impressive stereo sound radiating to the front. It discreetly blends in with the underside and rear panel of the display and emphasizes the elegant design of the television. The Loewe bild is can also be perfectly combined with the new Loewe klang sub5 modular subwoofer and can be upgraded to a complete all-in-one home cinema system.

Winners of the iF Design Awards – Intelligent Design

The Loewe Bild i.48, i.55 & i.65 family of TVs are also winners of the 2021 iF Design Awards.

The Loewe bild i series has an impressive, elegant design with a great attention to detail, which also convinced the international jury of the renowned design awards iF Design and Red Dot. Smooth, rounded shapes, a fine acoustic fabric and high-quality materials give the Loewe bild i a minimalist exterior that seamlessly complements any ambience. The elegant design language differs from the highly technical look of other models in the Loewe portfolio. The rear panel is covered with fabric, much like the top-of-the-line Loewe bild s.77 model. A magnetic cover hides the numerous connection options as well as any cables that might get in the way. The sophisticated design is rounded off by an included high-quality, swiveling table base in basalt grey with an integrated cable duct. With the Loewe bild i, the tradition-rich brand combines first-class quality and the latest technology in a new, contemporary look.

Winners of the iF Design Awards

Individual installation options

With its sleek design, the Loewe bild i will blend seamlessly into any interior. To integrate their Loewe TV individually into the room, customers have the option of choosing between various alternative set-up options. The Loewe table stand i in the system colour basalt grey is included and places the TV perfectly on a sideboard, while the new and in many respects flexible Loewe floor stand flex freely positions the Loewe bild i in the room, almost hovering, depending on the viewing angle.

With all stand solutions, the television can be rotated as needed and annoying cables disappear elegantly into the concealed cable guide. A special highlight is the new Loewe floor2ceiling stand in basalt grey. This spectacular installation solution in the form of a ceiling-to-floor pole can be individually adjusted depending on the ceiling height with a maximum of 2.90 meters and the desired TV height position of at least 65 cm, and also has a concealed cable management system.

Prices & Availability

The Loewe Bild i range will be available in Australia in October 2021. The recommended retail price for the Bild I Series have been listed above and are extremely competitive Along with the new TV portfolio, Loewe is introducing new optional set-up solutions. The Loewe floor stand universal is suitable as a complement to all Loewe products from 43 to 65 inches and is already available in stores.

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