Unique Alternative to Traditional Cladding


Batten Up

Charming and timeless, the Weathertex Batten Up trend offers a unique alternative to traditional cladding. Weathertex panels are perfect for this look, when multiple timber battens are added in a series they create a linear effect that adds texture, dimension and rhythm to a facade or interior.

Ideal for residential, warehouse, commercial and retail applications, Weathertex Batten Up style is easy to install, offers durability, longevity, texture and is an ideal way to add interest to an uninspiring project.


Weathertex primed or Natural Panels are used as the main building facade.

Batten dimensions, spacing and profiles can be consistent and uniform, or alternatively, they can be varied to create unique sequences for a customised look.

Interior ceilings and walls lined with Weathertex panels and timber battens have a textured and rhythmic effect, which adds detail and warmth to a space.


Weathertex timber cladding also functions as acoustic panels, as wood has a stronger sound-absorbing capacity than most structural materials, due to its natural composition.

Batten Up and create the ultimate personalised design!

Style Tip

The dimensions of a timber batten relate to its width, depth and length. The required length of a batten will depend on the size of the space, wall or facade. The choice of the batten’s width and depth – whether thick and wide, slim and thin or anywhere in between – will depend on the desired look and feel.

Unique Alternative to Traditional Cladding

Insider Tip

Board and batten cladding is definitely for those seeking creativity and individuality. As its name suggests, the process uses battens or strips of wood combined with wider panels that create a layered look on its surface. This unique style allows you to transform the exterior look of your home. Weathergroove and EcoWall panels are perfectly suitable to achieve this trend.

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