We believe the best designed homes have the power to bring out the best in people. They transform who you are, not just how you live.

That’s what makes every McDonald Jones home so special.

For 30 years now, we’ve been building beautiful, architecturally designed homes for Aussie families right across NSW, A.C.T. and Queensland.

We’ve become one of Australia’s leading builders by creating affordable, award-winning homes that can fit any lifestyle or budget. And because our homes are built with the strength of steel frames, you know they’ll be around years and years to come.

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Committed to building for a better tomorrow

Committed to building for a better tomorrow

McDonald Jones has been building beautiful, architecturally-designed homes for more than 30 years and during this time we‘ve seen it all, we’ve seen the Australian way of life change in the blink of an eye, but our purpose has always remained clear, keep building homes that transform people’s lives