Silky Smooth Swimming with Oxiswim


A Gold Coast dad whose son suffered from eczema has invented a world-first sanitisation system that’s not only gentle on skin but also gives pool owners full control over maintenance costs.

Oxiswim combines a pristine freshwater pool experience with the convenience of chlorine.

Oxiswim sanitisation system revolutionises – and simplifies – how a swimming pool or spa is managed and maintained. It is the result from many years of research looking for healthier alternative sanitisers to chlorine.

world-first sanitisation system

Oxiswim allows pool owners the option to run their pool and spa in two sanitisation modes:

During summer, for example, select the mode that produces water enriched with oxygen. Then in winter, easily switch over to a chlorine pool to reduce off-season costs.

Find out how this simple yet highly effective pool system works here.

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