Milan Vertical Forest



There’s some serious design innovation taking place in the built environment, none the least of which is the vertical garden for urban dwellers. But what about the vertical forest; could this be the forest of the future for high-rise developments? One such building project to be accepted for development is in Milan, Italy; designed by Stefan Boeri Architects it’s soon the be the greenest building in that City.

Milan vertical forest
Vertical Forest, Milan Italy – Stefan Boeri Architects

With the push for ever more high density living and more extreme temperatures being experienced, vertical gardens and indeed vertical forests are a brilliant way of greening our cities and towns. As well as moderating temperatures inside buildings. Vertical and rooftop farms should also be considered so that we can also grow food locally and engage more people in the process.

The Milan development proposes to incorporate 60 abandoned farms into a greenbelt which will surround the city creating a microclimate to filter out polluting dust particles and help absorb CO2, oxygenate the air, moderate temperatures throughout the seasons and reduce noise pollution. But the big issue is that it will also help lower living costs.
Water for the precious plants will come from filtered grey water from the apartments in the development and additional power will be generated by PV cells.

Could this be coming to a development near you soon? Let’s hope so…