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The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: Left hanging…


Another episode down and the excitement has started to build on The Block Fans vs Faves. With the introduction of the faves, the whole competition seems to have truly begun … finally!

Always a great starter to the series is the challenge that determines what team gets what space on The Block. Within a few minutes of meeting, in true Alisa and Lysandra style, the bitching had begun. I can’t blame them though, it seems that Chantelle and Steve are one of those couples that will become really good friends with some people, and are sure to rub a lot of others up the wrong way. We got a glimpse of this once the challenge begun with the gorgeous Shelley Craft describing the situation between Kara and Chantelle as a “cushion-off”. With the brief to replicate a $300,000 loft-style apartment designed by judges Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker, on the smallest budget possible, Chantelle ran directly for the second-hand stores and two-dollar shops. Going with the flow in the beginning, by the end of day one Kara was not convinced that this kind of budgeting would win them the challenge … and that was an understatement! Although designer, the original sofa picked up by Chantelle was one hundred dollars a piece and looked like something from Kmart. Slowly getting on track with some Mark Tuckey side tables, the fans still seemed to have a lot of work to do once the sun went down on day one.

For the faves, the challenge seemed pretty smooth sailing and we couldn’t of expected any less from two tradies and the winners of last series who have now hung up their police badges and started their own online homewares and furniture store, AL Collections. But #BlockWisdom, nothing is easy on The Block. First thing on day two, Alisa was made aware that the brick-look wallpaper they planned for the feature wall had not been printed overnight. Reacting like true block veterans, the girls accepted what was happening and continued the things they could get done (a very different sight to the crazy, argumentative, stress head twins we saw last year)!

In the end, we were left looking at a not-so-attractive bubbly brick wall and four fans of The Block who brought all their fury with each other down on where a stool and pot plant should be placed in the room. After an ad break, we expected to find out the winner (the faves in my opinion), however in typical Block style we are left sitting on the edge of our seats, speedily typing to share our thoughts on Twitter and watching the drama-filled promo’s for Sunday nights episode. Appearing as though each couple will have to report to Keith the Foreman within 24 hours of moving onto The Block with their entire plan for their apartment, it looks like it is going to be a good bit of television, so stay tuned TVHS bloggers … we will continue our Blockhead adventure together, Sunday!

This project from Grand Designs Australia magazine issue 2.4, by Minosa (minosadesign.com) features a gorgeous array of designer furniture from the likes of Space Furniture, de de ce and Euroluce