Waterco’s Climate Care Certified Equipment Delivers Substantial Energy Efficiency and Water Savings


Waterco is an environmentally conscious company that prides itself on designing and manufacturing water and energy-efficient products.

A selection of Waterco’s innovations have been Climate Care Certified, from the latest energy-efficient pool pump, centrifugal dual-filters, water-saving cartridge plus media filters, to technologically advanced chlorinators and robotic pool cleaners. Whilst highly efficient in their own right, combining and operating the products in the correct way enables pool owners to reach the highest levels of environmental sustainability.

MultiCyclone’s award-winning dual filtration technology can be easily added to new or existing pools to reduce filter maintenance while saving substantial amounts of water by 7,000 to 10,000 litres. Installed as a pre-filter to a sand filter reduces backwash frequency to approximately twice per year – per year for an average domestic sized pool. Combining centrifugal and cartridge filtration also extends the life of the pool filter, slashing water consumption and reducing filter maintenance.

Hydrostorm ECO-V enables pool owners to take advantage of off-peak electrical tariff periods and without upsetting their neighbours. You can also operate the Hydrostorm ECO-V on its low (ECO) speed setting for a majority of its running time, leading to 80 per cent savings in energy.

Electrochlor Chlorinator combined with Hydrostorm ECOV variable speed pump makes pools smarter and more energy-efficient by automatically taking care of sanitisation and filtration whilst providing valuable equipment with added protection.

The Micron ECO filter features an internal hydraulically efficient system, which is designed to facilitate energy and water savings.

Waterco’s Glass Pearls — the new generation of superior pool water filter media — offer water efficiency and much finer filtration than sand to provide outstanding water purity and clarity. Glass Pearls require up to 20 per cent less backwash water than sand, saving time and water.

Trident Robotic Pool Cleaners have consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation and product reliability. The range provides automated high-performance pool cleaning efficiently and effectively with minimum effort.

Sweep Elbows are the perfect solution to improving a pool’s hydraulic efficiency and particularly when using energy-efficient pumps. Research indicates that comparing PVC Sweep Elbows to traditional 90° elbows show a marked difference in water flow and head loss. Improving hydraulic efficiency enables variable speed pumps to operate at a lower speed without sacrificing flow rate through the pool’s filtration circuit or reducing the pool’s turnover rate.

For more information about Waterco’s Climate Care Certified equipment, visit www.waterco.com.au

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