The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: The beginning of the end


Like watching a bunch of dogs scramble for scraps, the Blockheads were sent into Dux House to decide who gets what apartment. From who wanted what, to who had their (insert rude word here) organised, tonight’s episode came down to experience and skill.

Starting off with revealing who won the first challenge, we got a glimpse of two very different rooms that were both a great representation of a Manhattan-style loft. The highlight was certainly Kyal’s handy work. His recreation of the coffee table and bookcase from the judges’ lavish interior was exquisite and I would even say better than the designer pieces. Another comment made by the judges that I think is something everyone should consider before buying replica furniture is that “replica has become very generic … you have to careful when using it because it will decrease the originality and character of a space”.

In a surprising twist, the judges chose the retro interpretation of the Fans, commenting that everything in the room looks “cohesive … it looks like it all belongs”, and this style “… is about keeping the bones of the structure, acknowledging the industrial feel whilst creating a home inside that framework ”. And I would have to agree 100 per cent, although some pieces where a bit cliché and a bit too retro for my taste, I certainly enjoyed their version of the brief, and at only $9,844, compared with the $12,604.79 that the Faves spent (even when they used replicas), they certainly deserved the win.

The next task was to decide who got what apartment – the beginning of the end for some, as location is a massive contributing factor when auction day comes along. With the pressure building, listening to each couples thoughts as to what was most important – views or windows – no one seemed to be able to make up their mind, too scared to make the wrong decision (something they can’t do once they start the real work). Resolved like every other civilised Aussie battle, a coin was flipped and the results are:

• Apartment 1 – Chantelle and Steve (Windows on two sides at the front of the block)

• Apartment 2 – Kyal and Kara (Spectacular city view and at the front of the block + facing true north)

• Apartment 3 – Alisa and Lysandra (Sunset entertaining on the roof deck at the back of the block, facing west)

• Apartment 4 – Brad and Dale (No side windows and great city views at the back of the block)

“Now the games begin”. Within the next seven days, the Blockheads will have to build and decorate their first bedroom (which will be a relief since they are sleeping in a tents until then), and within three weeks, they need to have the common areas – an indoor pool, gym and car park – completed. And the whirlwind of emotions and pain of the game have already begun as we are left with inexperienced Chantelle and Steve struggling to organise a builder (on a Sunday) that has no job booked for the Monday and is willing to commit to The Block workload. I know I am definitely looking forward to the week’s ahead, hope you are too!

Floor plans


Decorating tip of the night comes from the lovely-to-look-at Darren Palmer:
“When presenting a room, simply karate chop the top of a cushion with your hand to create an 45 degree angle”

Eco Chic
Image courtesy of Eco Chic.

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