A Room With a View

A Room With a View
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The breathtaking panoramic views are not the only superb features of this luxury apartment kitchen.  

The owners knew what they wanted for their newly built kitchen; however, the hard part was finding exactly what they were after. A welldefined kitchen space that could be used as a social area was definitely top of the agenda, as were top-of-the-range mod cons and appliances. The kitchen also had to take into consideration the vantage point of the spectacular harbour views from the ceiling-to-floor glass windows. Practicality and stylish panache were definitely the name of the game when it came to this kitchen’s design. The kitchen was actually designed by Mal Corby several months out from when construction began on the new apartment complex, as the owners had subcontracted the kitchen to be made independently from the main builder’s contract because the complex’s builders were slated to use imported kitchen brands that the owners were not entirely happy with.

Having looked around at several Italian and German brands of kitchens, the owners found they could not find one that not only met their exacting demands for quality, but the majority were not custom made for the kitchen’s high ceilings — an important feature of the overall space. The owners didn’t want to compromise on their very own dream kitchen, but they also could potentially incur a penalty fee if the completion of the complex was to be held up due to their custom-made requirements. Because of these considerations, Mal had the kitchen made before the apartment was actually ready for a site measurement and had the builders adapt the room for the owners’ individual kitchen. A lesson in not compromising on what you really want, the kitchen’s results speak for themselves.

After careful planning, Mal was able to bring to life the monochromatic theme and gourmet style the owners were looking for in their modern penthouse apartment kitchen space. The simple, clean lines chosen by Mal contribute to the area’s overall effect by bringing each element of the kitchen together harmoniously. Being enthusiastic home cooks, the owners were keen to have the entire range of their kitchen appliances from the same manufacturer. Together with Mal they chose Gaggenau, as it was a perfect fit for the luxury apartment and met the home chef’s gourmet needs and requirements. The home owners actually imported the first integrated Gaggenau fridge and freezer to be used in New Zealand, which, after much research, they found only Gaggenau would do. “As they came from a motor-racing background, the owners really wanted an industrial feel for their kitchen,” says Mal. “They also loved the look and feel of stat vein marble”. The outstanding array of Gaggenau appliances — from the steamer to the teppanyaki plate — makes this kitchen a true home chef’s dream creative space. The wine fridge is the perfect addition for entertaining when a little extra space is required and the island bench allows for ample room to move around the kitchen. The kitchen is also an ideal setting for gourmet parties due to the spacious layout and breathtaking panoramic views of the Waitemata Harbour.

Other special design features in Mal’s opinion include the stainless-steel doors combined with the stat vein marble on the benchtop insert and splashback. Mal also comments that the internal additions to the kitchen such as the Blumotion drawers and Grass hinges are “fantastic”, adding elements of ease of use and all-important practicality to the space. The choice of minimalistic materials and clean design give the kitchen a stylish, streamlined look that is both modern and inviting. The design also demands attention yet does not dominate the natural beauty of the kitchen’s views. Bringing together the best of manmade design and the beauty of the New Zealand landscape, this kitchen is definitely one that illustrates the benefit of not compromising on your dreams.

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