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Gemma Lynch-Memory has built a career on being one of Australia’s most collectable abstract landscape artists and it’s not hard to see why. Her one-of-a-kind artworks feature rich and vivid colours, portraying the Australian landscape in all its beauty and natural form. She paints on canvas our oceans, outbacks, rivers and deserts, bringing to life and capturing the spirit and character found in the heart of every Australian. In 2007, Gemma strolled into a second-hand bookshop where she found a copy of a very significant diary by a little-known Australian woman. Inspired by the diary, she became the first person to retrace the outback journey of Australia’s first female explorer, Emily Caroline Creaghe. This expedition was research for her emily:explorer national touring exhibition, where she celebrated Emily’s incredible achievements. Her career has spanned almost two decades, and in the latter part of the year, she will celebrate her 21st solo exhibition – a true milestone for any artist!

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