Apple’s new headquarters take it into the future!


We all knew that Apple’s new headquarters were going to be nothing short of amazing and boy did they deliver!

Cupertino City Council released the plans for the new headquarters that are sure to take Apple (further) into the future!

The headquarters will be built over 175 acres. The building will be a massive 2.8 million square feet and will boast a 1,000 seat corporate auditorium, a fitness centre, research facilities and I’m sure some very cool office space that will epitomise modern design.

The most striking part of the project is naturally the building itself – a huge four-story circular structure, that some comparing to an alien mother ship. However, Apple’s futuristic architecture reflects its forward thinking. Plenty of green initiatives are also to be implemented such as an on-site, low carbon power plant and plans to reuse water and cut down on car travel.

Apple’s 12,000 employees will also be able to gaze out through the glass walls into the woodlands. The location will have 6,000 trees and plenty of indigenous plant life including apricot orchards. Jealous much?

The new headquarters are set for completion in 2015.

Tell us what you think of the new proposed new headquarters. Has the sight of it made you now want to run off and work for Apple or do you think it looks like a flying saucer that has crash landed on some woodland?