Trend alert: Kooky pots and planter boxes

Trend alert: Kooky pots and planter boxes
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By Nathan Johnson


Spice up your outdoor entertaining area with the latest cool and kooky pots and planter boxes.

1. The Romeo and Juliet planter seat is a great way to include nature in your outdoor living areas.


2. The Coral Seat and Planter demonstrates the future of outdoor living. Its unique design and shape is a clever combination of seating and planter pots.


3. The Stones range from KE-ZU takes a playful spin on traditional planter pots.


4. The Alea range of planter boxes is stylish and mobile. Their unique design includes a glass frame that houses hidden wheels, making for an easy to move planter box.


5. The Animal Farm pot from KE-ZU is a fun way to include foliage when space is limited.


6. Even the smallest of spaces needs a touch of nature. The DOUX planter is a stylish statement.

By Nathan Johnson
From Renovate magazine Vol. 8 No. 6

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