With so much emphasis on sustainability in our vocabulary today, learning about architecture and the importance it plays in our lives is more essential than ever. The Australian Architecture Association (AAA) and Luxury Home Design (LHD) both recognise this and that’s why we’ve partnered, to promote and encourage public interest in this important part of our culture.

Project by Bark Architects

The AAA was formed in 2004 to promote architecture to the wider community. The founders of the association include Australia’s most prominent architect, Glenn Murcutt, and the late Harry Seidler, whose work, both in Australia and internationally, are widely recognised. Founding director Annette Dearing says, “We need to keep architecture at the forefront of people’s consciousness as it’s such an important part of our culture and heritage. It’s vital that people are given the opportunity to see architecture of the highest standard.”

The AAA runs a program of tours, talks and events throughout the year. Membership is open to all, not just architects, and a majority of the program is led by volunteers who are knowledgeable and passionate about architecture.

The Noosa Tour in September will take you inside some of the most interesting contemporary residential and public architecture on the Sunshine Coast, with architects John Mainwaring, from JMA Architects, and Lindy Atkin and Stephen Guthrie, from Bark Design.

Image: Viridian by JMA Architects

This is an all-day bus tour that includes lunch, commentary and coach travel. Why not take a detour from your regular weekend at home and join the AAA Noosa Tour, where you will meet like-minded architecture enthusiasts as well as have the opportunity to stay over in Noosa to enjoy the fabulous atmosphere of this beautiful Queensland enclave?

The AAA/LHD Noosa Tour will be held on Saturday, September 10 and costs $150 for AAA members and $175 for non-members, including bus transport, commentary and lunch.

For more information:

Australian Architecture Association

Website: www.architecture.org.au