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Clever designs to prettify your home


What I love about the internet is the utter range of products, ideas and inventions you can find on it. The web is giving a voice to independent designers with cool interior design ideas, and is starting to provide them with an enthusiastic niche market. I’m excited every day about the treasures I’m finding (and the design genius’ behind them!) but this week all I can think about is patterned paint rollers, magical spill-happy tablecloths and hand-made cushions.

Magical spill-happy tablecloths? Sound ridiculous? Maybe, but they definitely exist. Kristine Bjaadal, a young designer from Norway, has designed tablecloths that when spilt on, don’t stain. Instead it reveals a pattern previously invisible, and dyes it with the colour of the spilt liquid.

These tablecloths are simply magical. The idea is that a stained tablecloth doesn’t have to be thrown out – with the pretty designs, the stains become something beautiful and the owners can see the use of the tablecloth and its past. With the emphasis on eating and entertaining these days, having something that reminds you of those times (in a beautiful way) is really lovely.

Bjaadal is really interested in the wear and tear of household objects and turning it from something negative into something beautiful and positive. The designs are always interesting and innovative, with a little bit of old fashioned sensibility; making everyday objects last longer.

The Painted House is another company that is really approaching the look of the home in a different way. The designer, Clare Bosanquet, found the idea in Romania, and adapted it to many different applications. This product is found in the form of a paint roller, but one that is patterned like a traditional stamp. These paint rollers come in many different cute and interesting patterns, from wall applicators to fabric.

So rather than the arduous process of applying wallpaper to your home, or going for plain matte coloured walls (or attempting a difficult or expensive mural) you can easily pretty up your home with a paint roller or your choice. The application is easy, and the results are beautiful. The choice of colours and pattern is entirely up to you, and the result will be a personalised and pretty home.

I particularly like the deer pattern (to the very left). With Christmas on its way, this applicator would make some gorgeous wrapping paper or even help decorate your home ready for the big day. I’d love to see the pattern in silver on a white wall – it would be exquisite.

My final obsession of this week is Remorque Clothing and Intimates. This is an independent company run solely by Sophia Hopgood, a young woman from Adelaide, Australia. Her best seller is her handmade cushions, made from interesting and funky fabrics. Her influences are a strong dose of vintage, rockabilly, 40s and 50s culture, pop culture and alternative culture, and I love her work.

I actually own two of her cushions and they are beautifully sewn and made from quality fabric. They differ from your stock standard cushions in that they can openly and distinctly say something about your personality, loves and style; an Elvis cushion popped on your couch or a leopard fur cushion on your bed will say a lot more about you and your home than maybe a raw silk cushion. Sophia makes the cushions to order, and personally interacts with each and every customer – you can tell she’s very passionate about her company and about making her customers happy.

I love a home with a bit of kooky style or something a bit different or exciting, and that’s exactly what these companies are offering. And I’ll continue hunting for the next weird and wonderful innovation.

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