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Colours of November 2014



Haymes Colour Forecast. Styled by Ruth Welsby, Photography by Martina Gemmola.

If you feel your home interior needs a colour revamp, look no further.

The 2015 Colour Expressions Forecast by Haymes has just been released and it looks as though next year, it’s all about creating spaces full of comfort and familiarity.

As humans, we are constantly on the go and have come to view our homes as sanctuaries; escapes from the world outside. Yet ironically, it is in nature that humans find true solace. The basic hues from the outside environment are the stars of Haymes’ 2015 forecast colour palette, bringing nature’s unadulterated beauty within the home.  Their Colour Expressions Forecast also includes nods to bygone eras, pops of retro colour adding both zest and playful nostalgia to home interiors.

Haymes_MG_EXOTICBOTANIC_6435 small

For the month of November Haymes has chosen three core colour hues from their  Colour Expressions Forecast – Exotic Botanic to focus on. These are:


Dusty Beige
Kendall Rose
Horizon Glow

Exotic Botanic

Like a stroll through a dewy spring garden, this colour palette will have you in touch with your senses in no time. Featuring soft pink hues and cool earthly-grey tones, the Exotic Botanic palette brings the revitalizing properties of nature to the home while keeping your interiors looking chic and on trend.

Haymes Domo Showroom


Words: Jacinta Newbold