Cooling & ventilation with Breezyway

Cooling & ventilation with Breezyway


Natural breezes and cross-ventilation throughout a building are the most essential components of passive cooling and energy-efficient design.


To maximise the flow of natural breezepaths, Breezway Altair™ Louvre Windows are the innovative, energyefficient window option as they open twice as wide as regular windows to capture cooling breezes as effectively as possible.

By incorporating high-performance Breezway Altair™ Louvre Windows on opposing external walls of your home, fresh, cool air can flow in one side of the room and hot, stale air is flushed out the other side. The quality of the indoor air is improved and this helps keep the building at a comfortable temperature without the need for artificial cooling systems.

Internal louvres are another great way to encourage breeze-paths throughout your home. These windows can be closed when privacy is required with the incorporation of aluminium blades (available in a range of colours) or western red cedar timber blades.

For those seeking automated window alternatives, the sleek, elegant and sophisticated design of the Breezway Powerlouvre™ Window (now available with remote control) is ideal for out-of-reach locations. With no external rods or motors, Powerlouvre™ Windows can be opened at night to allow hot air to escape through windows up high, allowing fresh, cool breezes to flow in and be retained for early-morning starts.

When closed, Breezway Altair™ Louvre Windows provide the tightest seal to ensure superior wind and water performance. They have been designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, preventing cold draughts in winter and providing an efficient environment for air-conditioning in summer. Manufactured from non-corrosive materials with strict adherence to Australian and international standards, Altair™ Louvre Windows give the best performance possible from a louvre window.

Warranted up to seven years, Breezway products offer a wide selection of customising options for Altair™ Louvre Windows, including blade types to best suit your energy requirements (eg timber or toned glass blades help control solar heat gain in warmer climates).

Aluminium and high-performance paint finishes are also available, along with colourmatched clips and handles, handle types, key locks and security bars.

So for your next project, consider highperformance, energy-efficient Altair™ Louvre Windows by Breezway to bring natural light and fresh air into your home environment.

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